i'm chris, not dustin (bella) (accrues) wrote in classic_who,
i'm chris, not dustin (bella)

54 icons / excuse the randomness

« 01-11 Random Quotes w/the occasional reference to Doctor Who and Russel T. Davies. Whom we all know and love. Uhum.
« 12-14 5th Doctor icons (original images from Castrovalva, but it really doesn't make any difference because I manipped them so much, no spoilers)
« 15-21 Random Doctor Who, mainly season two with one John Simm. Mostly David Tennant
« 22-28 Rose Tyler/Billie Piper from Doctor Who Seasons 1&2 and photoshoots</b>
« 29-36 Life icons 1x05 Fallen Woman and 1x06 Powerless. No spoilers.
« 37-41 Wentworth Miller icons with some from Prison Break Season 1 only
« 42-47 Prison Break 3x05 Interference
« 48-54 Randoms I made months ago and just found *facepalm*

here at my journal

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