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Tom Baker Era

HI! Just like Type_40 has done, i was wondering if i could create an era thing about Tom Baker instead of Colin Baker. So... i was wondering if anyone wanted to post comments about Tom Baker. he was a good doctor. Weird why he wanted to marry one of his companions....................(and did!)
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Hi every1 its Elmosan! Would someone please type something into this. My favourite Tom Baker episode has to be Genesis of the Daleks. Mainly because it is good to finaly see how the daleks were invented. The idea of Davros is very good because he has the bottom half of a dalek and is crippled. I also like his blue eye.

Tom Baker Era


May 30 2007, 16:11:52 UTC 10 years ago

Hey It's Annette Curtain!!! Tom Baker was a very good Doctor, not my favourite but he was still a good Doctor! I liked his first episode, very funny! I liked the sort of gothic time of the show (Phillip Hinchcliffe years) and i thought some of the greatest episodes were produced over that time! I think his best story was his last story. @
I think he really came into his element in that story and we really saw the fourth doctor's actual persona. I liked that he accepted death and i think for me that is always how i will remember Tom's Doctor. I don't have the foggiest why he wanted to marry Layla Ward (Romana 2), probably just a passing fancie. If you watch the extras on the DVD of 'Logopolis' then there is a bit about his marriage. I loved the scarf very practical and i liked the coat and the hat, the trousers were very 'Mr Temple' i thought but oh well! I think one of Tom's best lines was from his first storie 'Robot' which is apparantly coming out in June and he says:
"What is the point of acting like a grown-up if you can't act childish occasionally?" or something to that affect and i think that no truer word has been spoken by the Doctor ever. Well, to sum up, i liked Tom's Doctor and thought he was great. Long live the 4th Doctor!!!!!!!!
you do know nearly every1 here exept you and me knows mr temple???
I know, but lets just say that Mr Temple, is a crotchety old science teacher. He is weird talks like a constipated crow and is really stupid and wears old fashioned clothes (gets his clothes from millets) hense the Tom Baker Trouser comment!
The exact quote was from the story Robot. The 4th Doctor says, "There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."

It's on the BBC-Doctor Who Classic series site, in the episode guide.

I have Robot on video tape. I taped it from television years ago. I also taped it off of BBC America when they showed it back in the late '90's. My local PBS channel had shown the "omnibus" format of Doctor Who. All the episodes of a particular story were edited together in a "movie" format. However, seeing it broken up into a 4 parter was interesting.
Robot is on youtube, the last time I checked.
Well,in one of my earlier posts, I've said in earlier posts that Tom Baker was and still is my favorite. I created a Colin Baker topic because one of you asked me too. ;) So of course Tom Baker can be discussed. Anything from the original series (1963-89) is up for discussion.

In the Favorite Era topic, I listed the Tom Baker era as my favorite. Now some think of a decade when I say era, but that's not quite what I mean. Tom Baker was 70's and early 80's Doctor Who. Also, in the Favorite Stories thread, I listed my top 20 favorites (the E-Space trilogy consists of 3 stories). Half of the stories I listed were Tom Baker stories. He was the first Doctor I saw when my local PBS station started showing Doctor Who back in the early 80's. He remains my favorite Doctor to this day. He is the definite article, you might say. :)
I have seen each of Tom Baker's stories at least a dozen times. With my favorite Tom Baker stories, at least 50 times. I've been a Tom Baker fan for 23 years now. I've got most of his stories memorized. If you have a question concerning Tom Baker era story detail, I'm the girl to ask.
Not really. In real life, Tom and Lalla were just coworkers doing a job. Acting is their profession. Actors and actresses meet each other on the set and have short-lived romances and marriages all the time.

On to Tom Baker and Lalla Ward:
I first heard of Tom Baker's marriage and divorce to Lalla Ward around 1985. There was no internet then and DW news was typically old news by the time I heard it here. Over the years I've read more about it. It only lasted 18 months.

Lalla Ward was also friends with Douglas Adams. Douglas wrote the DW story, Pirate Planet and co-wrote City of Death. He was script editor during season 17. Douglas Adams was also famous for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. He was also friends with the biologist, Richard Dawkins.

During his 40th birthday party Douglas Adams introduced Lalla Ward and Richard Dawkins to each other. This was back in 1992. Ward and Dawkins later married and are still married today.

Tom Baker has always had generous things to say of Lalla Ward. Tom Baker married his third wife, Sue Jerrard, in 1986, and is still married to her.

Tom and Lalla have not been an item for 25 years now. Tom has said they parted amicably. However, it seems they never kept in contact with each other since.

The reason why i put that bit is because Annette Curtain ( 1 of mi best m8s) lent me Logopolis, which was the last of the Tom Baker series. Anyway, on the special features on the disc, it talks about Tom and Peter (davidson or davison i can never remember!) on tv and all of the new styles of clothes and stuff and it also talks about Tom being married to Lalla. Anyway, i hope people have seen Logopolis who are like me that have never really seen the origional series of doc who until their m8s tell them aboot it. PEACE OUT!
You can also watch a lot of the classic series on youtube. While the youtube stories may not have DVD extra's, it's nice to see the classic series for free.
Although, I have seen some Tom Baker interviews on youtube as well.
I've been able to see Hartnell and Troughton stories I've never seen before.
Hi, it's Annette Curtain! I thought the idea of Tom getting married to Lalla was funny, because when my dad first heard about it he knew it would never last. About watching the original series on Youtube, i agree that there are one hell of alot of stories that arn't on there. For example the other day i wanted to watch 'The Celestial Toymaker' and nothing came up. So although alot of the original series episodes are on youtube i think the DVDs are better. Talking of DVDs i wish they'd bring all the regeneration and post-regeneratione episodes out on dvd. Oh and does anyone know when 'Trial of a Timelord' will be coming out on DVD in England?