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Little Update

I've been busy lately and haven't been able to post as much as I'd like. However, I hope that doesn't stop you all from posting.

I would like to add that this site is intended for the Classic TV series, 1963 to 1989.

Yes, that cuts out the TV film with McGann and the books and audios, but there's lots of other sites that discuss that. I wanted at least one little corner of the web devoted to the original (Classic) TV series. :)

So as far as the novels such as the missing adventures go, I don't really consider them relevant since they weren't written at the time.
The explanations in the classic series were all we had. The different book companies sometimes contradict themselves anyway, so I'd like to stick to what went on (continuity wise) in the Original/Classic Series.

The main thing I hope is discussed here is that little old TV show that started it all. Anyone want to travel back in time and revisit the Classic Series?

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