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Hi - new member here

Hi, I'm a new member. Been looking for a community for Classic Who. I started with the new series, then went and Netflixed (or YouTubed, or found recons) for the Classic series and fell in love with it, too. Then started in on the Big Finish audios. Do you do much episode/character discussion here? I'd love to discuss which Doctor is my favorite, which companions I most love, but certainly don't want to cause offense if I post anything negative about any of the Doctors/companion that are on the bottom half of my list. I like them all, just like some better than others. Plus I like rank my favorites differently when I factor in the audios v. when I'm using the show alone. That's the sort of thing I'd love the discuss - see if anyone else feels that way.

I think I've seen either episode or recon or listened to audio for most of the stories now - got about a half-dozen to go, I think. Spread across Three to Six.

Love fanfic and have been seeking out fanvids for Classic Who. Though I absolutely do not ship the Doctor with anyone unless it's canon - and then only to the limit canon had. Love the friendships and familial relationships, though. And I adore Barbara/Ian, and have a taste for Ben/Polly and also for Ace/Hex if I'm counting audio-verse.

Anyway, if it's not appropriate here, please do point me to the right place.
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